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09:45 ~ 09:46

Opening Ceremony

09:46 ~ 09:50

Opening Remarks

09:50 ~ 10:00

Congratulatory Remarks

10:00 ~ 10:30

Keynote Speech 1
Digital Heath Trends
Nam-jong Paik, President & CEO, SNUH (KOR)

10:30 ~ 11:00

Keynote Speech 2
Digital Heath Trends
Dr. Taha Kass-Hout,
Director, Machine Learning & Chief Medical Officer
at Amazon Web Services (AWS) (USA)

11:00 ~ 11:20

Special Session
Mobile-based Digital Healthcare Platform
Hee Hwang, CEO, Kakao Healthcare (KOR)

11:30 ~ 12:30

AI x Healthcare
Medical Imaging and Diagnosis
Ho-young Lee, Professor, SNUH (KOR)
Medical Data
"Building open AI ecosystems using crowdsourcing data approached

Bart de Witte, Founder of Hippo AI Foundation (DEU)
Medical Equipment
"Using AI to improve medication adherence"

Bert Garlich, CEO of ZiuZ Visual Intelligence (NLD)

12:20 ~ 13:30


13:30 ~ 14:50

New drug development
"Data-driven computational approaches for identifying novel therapeutic targets and drug repositioning opportunities"
Namshik Han, Milner Therapeutics Institute, University of Cambridge (GBR)
Digital Therapeutics
Jun-young Lee, Professor, SMG–SNU Boramae Medical Center & CEO, Emocog (KOR)
"Redefining the economics of drug discovery with generative AI"
Handol Kim, Co-Founder & CEO at Variational AI (CAN)
"The Promise of Data, Analytics, and AI to Achieve Improved Healthcare Outcomes"
Farhana Nakhooda, APAC SVP of Health Catalyst (USA)

15:00 ~ 15:50

Expert Discussion - 'Better Diagnostics = Better Treatment
Chair: Gwang-jun Kim, Professor, Severance Hospital (KOR)
Sangwoo Kang, General Manager, Coreline Soft (KOR)
Il-eok Jo, General Manager, Health Insurnace Review & Assessment Service (KOR)
Dong-min Kim, CEO, JLK (KOR)
Jun-kil Been, CEO, Neurophet (KOR)

15:50 ~ 16:00


16:00 ~ 16:20

Metahealth-Medical Service
Metaverse Medical Service
Yoon-Jung Chang, Professor, National Cancer Center (KOR)

16:20 ~ 16:40

Metahealth-Digital Twin
"The Compass that Healthcare Systems Need to Streamline Data and Care Delivery"
Jeff Terry, CEO of GE Healthcare Clinical Command Center (USA)

16:50 ~ 17:40

Metahealth Industry: Panel Discussion
Chair: Su-jeong Shin, Co-chair, Korea Metaverse Industry Association (KOR)
Sang-jun Park, CEO, Medical IP (KOR)
Il Kim, CEO, Surgicalmind (KOR)
Seon-young Park, CEO, Newbase (KOR)

17:40 ~